21 October 2013

This is Halloween! This is Halloween!

My homemade Halloween cards :)

First things first yes I've been blog slacking. I have no excuse other than feeling a bit off and uninspired, but with Halloween right the corner I decided I better get into gear! I wanted to "get into the spirit" of this upcoming holiday and thought it'd be fun to send out Halloween cards for the first time. They had a ton of cute cards at the store, but I wanted to add my own personal touch so thought I'd make mine own instead!

I wanted to keep it simple but still make a bold statement so I decided to use some good ol' fashion glue and glitter. I wanted the glitter to really "pop" so I picked up some blank black cards and envelopes from Michael's. I had already purchased a 12 pack of assorted color glitter from Walmart prior to going to Michael's which ended up being a mistake as Michael's had cheaper glitter in smaller quantities (which is more ideal for this project). But ya live and ya learn right? 

All stocked up on my supplies I headed home to get to the fun part. As I stated before I wanted to keep the design simple for my cards so decided to do silhouette style design. To start I just sketched out my design on the card, "filled" it in with the glue, sprinkled some glitter on top, then shook off the excess glitter and BAM my first homemade Halloween card was done. The process of making these Halloween cards was simple and only took a little time but I'm very happy with the outcome!

Rough sketch
Adding the glitter
Ta da!
In this day and age home made cards are becoming some what of a "dead tradition" for lack of better words. This is one reason I decided to make my own cards.  I plan on continuing this new "tradition" of mine in an effort to keep homemade cards alive! 

10/21/13 UPDATE: Whoops! I forgot to add a very important final step for the cards! To prevent the glitter from getting everywhere I sprayed fixative on my cards! But I'm sure hairspray would do the trick too! ;)

On another note, while I was at Michael's I noticed a flyer on their window advertising that they are a "drop off" location for something called "Operation Christmas Cards". "Operation Christmas Cards" was set up in order to collect Christmas cards to send out to all active military personnel. A large number of troops aren't able to spend the holidays with their families as they are out protecting our freedom, which is where Operation Christmas Cards comes in! The goal of operation Christmas Cards is to send out quality, preferably home made Christmas cards, to show our appreciation for our military personnels' sacrifices. I think this is a great cause and wanted to get you all involved! 

Check out this LINK for more information about Operation Christmas Cards!!! 

Until next time friends...Cheers!!!

<3 Noonie