24 October 2013

ME Day

For the past few months (and next few) my life has been go, go, go. No time to spend with friends, no time to cook, and no time for myself. So yesterday when my boss called to tell me I could take the day off I was perplexed. Initially I called my coworkers to see if I could pick up shifts, scrambled for work to do. Then I realized, why? I haven't had an entire day off (especially a weekday) in who knows how long. So I decided to take it, and the ME day commenced.
I figured I'd do somethings that I love but never have time for. I slept in (to the ripe time of 9:30), went to one of the local coffee shops I'd been meaning to try, take a stroll through the MOMA, and have dinner with some friends.

The coffee shop is so "hip" I almost hate it, but it's so good how can I? It's called Coffeed and is housed in the same structure that houses the worlds largest green roof: Brooklyn Grange. They have a wide variety of coffee, including cold-brewed (one of my new favorites); but on this day I went with a Cortado, a shot of espresso with steamed milk a little smaller than a cappuccino. I stayed there for about an hour people watching  enjoying every sip.

Next stop, MOMA
I often only go to MOMA when friends are in town and always on the free night, which is a zoo! So this particular Wednesday was quite a treat with a normal sized crowd. I love their mix of new and old modern art, but especially I enjoy the architecture. The building has these random windows with views of outside to watch the sunlight dance across the tops of buildings, and internal windows that allow the viewer to have a glance across the museum to other people claiming stairs or walking through the large display spaces. I saw the removal of the Le Corbusier exhibit, The Collage City, and some Georgia O'Keeffe for a change. Then sat outside in the sculpture garden for a bit before taking off for dinner. 

Dinner was lovely, met up with some friends. We had high hopes for the restaurant, but it was a bust. The wine selection was good but nothing worth writing home to, the food left much to be desired, and the service was mediocre. However the company was great, so in the end that's the most I could ask for.