24 February 2015

Noonie + Savannah Collab!

 My artist friend Savannah + I's first collaboration! 

Sav + I have been good friends for years now. In fact she's my only friend that is an artist herself! We've painted together numerous times over the years, but for some reason we never thought to work on a piece together until just recently! + it turned out marvelous! 

We each painted our own backgrounds using the same color palette + then took turns painting the gold design. After, we switched canvases + started painting each other's pieces! Sav painted the piece on the top + I painted the piece on the bottom. I've never painted anything like this before but I'm totally stoked about how it turned out! It was such a fun process, I definitely can't wait to do it again! Which will hopefully be sooner than later lol.

Until next time friends...Cheers!
<3 Noonie