08 February 2015

Noonie's 1st Solo Exhibit!

About a week + a 1/2 ago I woke up to a text message that said "Can you bring some art in today or tomorrow?". I had no idea who had text me the message, but I responded "Of course! May I ask who this is?" (lol) + that my friends is exactly how it all began + lead to...my very first SOLO exhibit!

 I was chosen to display my art at the Amen Real Estate office that's located in Downtown Sacramento on J + 18th for the entire month of February! There will be an artist reception being held at the office for 2nd Saturday which happens to be Valentine's Day! It's going down from 6:00 pm - 8:00ish PM, + there will be a $1 Raffle being held! The prize being an original "Candy Series" painting I did recently! :) 

If you're in the Sacramento area be sure to go check it out + come celebrate my 1st solo exhibit at the artist reception! I painted 6 new pieces just for this exhibit that I have yet to share anywhere online so they'll be plenty of new pieces for you to see, alongside a few of my 'older' pieces including my "Matisse Inspired Rappers Series"! Super exciting + proud moment for me as an artist! Thank you all for your support + for believing in me + my passion! Words can't describe how appreciative I am! Much love!

<3 Noonie