01 November 2013

Mashed Banana Snack

As you're all well aware I have a bit of a sweet-tooth, an addiction to ice cream, and try to eat healthy. So for the past few weeks I've been creating recipes for making my own frozen things; it began with the frozen fruit, moved into mashed banana, and now has manifested into a new concoction I'd like to call "banana frozen treat."

This new frozen treat is awesome, flavorful, and healthy. I have 2 different versions depending if you want to eat it immediately or if you'd like to freeze it.

Milk (I use coconut, but any milk will do)

1. Mash bananas
2. Add cinnamon (to taste)
3. Add honey (to taste)
4. Stir
* if you're eating it immediately stop here, if freezing continue *
5. Add a gracious amount of milk
6. Stir
7. Freeze

You can add any additions you please, chocolate, caramel, nuts, etc.

My only issues have had to do with the amount of milk, if you use cows milk, cream, or yogurt it should turn out creamier. When you use any non-dairy milk it comes out a little bit icy.
I've been washing and saving the packaging from Steve's Ice Cream, which has come in handy when I am this, but any type of freezer friendly plastic Tupperware should do the trick.

Personally though, my favorite is eating it immediately without milk. The flavor is much more intense, plus I'm impatient.