14 November 2013

Back to the Bay!

Squid taking down a ship

I've been feeling very uninspired lately, which is the reason for my blog slacking. I'm not exactly sure where my time has been going but I've been staying busy. I've been working on some art including sketching up a wood box that I plan on burning a design into. I'm pretty excited to see how it comes out.

In other news my boyfriend and I went to the Bay area yesterday and spent the day at the beach and went by this little coastal town called Sausalito. We hadn't had a chance to go out of town in a couple months so it was a long overdue trip. We usually go to Stinson Beach when we head to the ocean which is where we headed this time, only this was the emptiest I've ever seen it. I guess because it was the day after a three day weekend so everyone had already had their fill of the beach. It was like we had our own private beach for the day!

There are only a couple of restaurants in Stinson Beach as it's a small little town with a population of about 500, but the restaurants they do have are really good! We tried a new restaurant this time called Breakers. The menu is somewhat limited in terms of seafood which is what I usually like to eat when I go to the ocean but they did have have a blackened salmon sandwich which was delicious! It had a really big salmon fillet and the bread was out of this world! The sandwich was served with crinkle cut fries (my fav) and coleslaw which was really good too. I don't usually like coleslaw but this one hit the spot. (Come to think of it i should've taken a picture of this scrumptious meal!) Last time we went to Stinson Beach we tried this one restaurant  Parkside Cafe and the food was really good too, I would recommend the crab cakes! I kind of liked Parkside Cafe a little bit more than Breakers because they have more seafood selections, but Breakers definitely had bigger portions and their salmon was just as good.

Sunset over the bay, Saulsalito

After the beach and lunch we headed to Sausalito. It was around 5:30 or so when we arrived there and a lot of the shops were already closed but we did get to go into a couple of our favorite shops downtown. Not only are the shops, and galleries amazing in Sausalito but they also have a really good ice cream shop!  Although I can't recall the name of it offhand, they offer a make your own ice cream sandwich with homemade cookies and all kinds of exotic flavors of ice cream, including Egyptian pistachio (which is what we ordered). After we had enjoyed an awesome view of the sun going down over the bay and our yummy ice cream sandwich we headed back to Sacramento. And although it is always nice to get out of town and see something new there's really no place like home.

Dorothy was on to something.