12 May 2015

Life Lately...

Yeah, our bad. It's been a minute since Nelli or I have posted. Guess life has just been a bit hectic lately. That and my laptop gave out on me, boo. So let's catch up shall we...? My adventures from the last few months include...


A fun date night Downtown...

We started out the night with a surprise. Nelli + I stumbled upon a painting in the Kennedy Gallery downtown randomly a few months back. The painting was dedicated to the memory of my honey's stepdad, I knew he had no idea about it + so the first stop we made on our venture was to that very gallery to see the piece. He obviously loved it + was super surprised. Afterwards we headed over to Pieces, this bomb pizza joint that wasn't too far from the Gallery. I love their pizza + hadn't been in forever so we checked it out, + of course it didn't disappoint!


olive + mushroom pizza...my fav! 

After dinner + beer (I had berry ale) we headed to The Crest theater. I had never been before, but they were playing one of my all time favorite movies The Shinning! Not only was the theater gorgeous, it was super cool to see the old movie on the big screen. 

I must say the atmosphere of the theater was very unique + awesome expierence, very different from any movie theater I had ever been to. Such a fun + memorable night! 

A trip to the mountains...!

I'm not one to ever let my dogs run off leash, mostly because they don't listen that well + I'm a nervous wreck when they're running loose. But my honey finally convinced me they'd be just fine, + so we hit the road with the dogettes in tow up to the mountains. There is a very special place we like to go up past Foresthill + that's exactly where we headed. Once we arrived the dogettes were un clipped from their harnesses + away they went! 

To my surprise they actually didn't run off + not come back when called like I thought they would.

Of course they had a blast running around free, smelling all the new smells + playing ball on the beach. Such a great day! 

A new tattoo...!

Pastel diamond on the inside of my ankle (yes it hurt)! lol

New artistic ventures...

Including the clock above + vase below, which I painted for my Candy Series.

Of course I've created a bunch of new paintings as well, but you'll have to check out my Instagram for pics. ;) 

I also had my 2nd exhibition ever..! 

+ it was a solo show! My work was on display for a month at Shine, a very popular local cafe Downtown. Exhibited some new paintings from my Candy Series, my Matisse Inspired Rappers Series + had my Mac Dre Egg Carton Relief Prints on exhibit for the very first time! 

Such a wonderful opportunity + great exposure for my work!  

I made Chicken Stir Fry for the first time...

It was bomb! Well after I tweaked it a bit it was, lol. I originally served the Chicken + vegetable mix on top of noodles, but after one bite I knew I wasn't going to be satisfied. Immediately back into the kitchen I went, + made some teriyaki white rice to eat with the chicken + veggie mix. So much better. I guess that's what happens sometimes when you try to make something new for the first time, trial + error! 

A trip to The Crocker...

There was a Taulouse-Lautrec exhibit in town + of course I couldn't miss it! I first fell in love with "the father of commercial posters" work, when I learned about him in an Art History class I took a few years back. It was amazing to actually see his work in person, so inspiring + such a memorable expierence. I also got to see a Mary Cassatt + Manet piece, which was such an unexpected + lovely surprise! So inspired by both of them + admire their place in art history, so to see their works in person was quite the experience! Not to mention the countless other artists work that I got to see, like I said, very inspiring! 

Of course there have been other things going on in my life, + not all of them are pretty. But I've been learning a lot about myself + have come to a lot of realizations, so in the long run it's for the best, although presently it is really hard. Here's to hoping for more good days + a bright future filled with love + happiness.

Until next time, cheers!
<3 Noonie