15 January 2015

Noonie's Art Update

Haven't shared any of my creations lately, so I thought I'd get ya all caught up...!

Mr. Furly
Acrylic on canvas

As you may have read in a few of my previous posts I had my first art show recently, which I painted a brand new piece for. I knew I was going to exhibit my "Matisse Inspired Rappers Series" so I decided to create a piece that would go along with it. Being that Mac Dre is my favorite rapper I had to include him in the show + that's how this piece came to be. Although I have painted Mac Dre multiple times, this piece is my favorite. 


It's therapeutic to JUST create sometimes without the worry of drawing out an outline + all the other technicalities. Although I do mostly work on the abstract side of things I've never created a piece like this before, but I must say I quite enjoyed the freedom I felt when creating it; just letting the colors do their thang while manipulating their placement. Not sure if I'm completely done working on it, but so far I'm happy with the results + the way the colors are interacting + blending together. Reminds me of candy or something. :P

Of course I've got a ton of other pieces I've created recently...go check 'em out on my Instagram! :)

Until next time friends...Cheers!!
<3 Noonie