07 March 2016

Framin' Shells

It surely has been a minute since we've posted! Shame, shame lol. Will have to update more about what's been going down with yours truly later, but for now enjoy this...

When I'm not painting I love reimagining items + repurposing them into something lovely that I'll get to look at everyday. This  little creation, which I finally finished putting together is one of those. I upcycled a frame that was missing the glass, burlap, a couple of shells that I've collected, a little E6000, + some imagination. Fits right in with my oceany themed living room. That's right I said, oceany lol. 

Who needs to buy home decor when you can make it yourself?! Especially out of things you've got lying around or might otherwise throw away! What I'm trying to get at is take a look around you, I'm sure you've got a few things here + there that could use some lovin' + when combined can make something beautiful. I believe in your creativity people! That is all.