29 July 2013

July Fun CA State Fair & Old Sacramento Weekend

Oh what a FUN filled weekend it was! The weather was perfect here in Sacramento, warm with a touch of cool breeze, perfect for a weekend filled with outside activities! Decided to take advantage of it and headed out to the California State Fair on Saturday, as it was the last weekend the fair was going to be live at Cal Expo so it was packed! Lucky for my boyfriend and I we found a secret back way in which resulted in no long lines to park or to purchase the tickets!! Score!! (And no I'm not going to share the secret. Ha. Sorry.)
The California State Fair is one of my favorite summer time events, and I attend every year, this year the fair celebrated it's 160th anniversary!

As always there was a zillion things to do and see at the fair and we started with some yummy fair food! One of my favorite things to do at the fair is pig out on all of it's fried glory. I opted in for a 1/2 lb. hot dog..delish! I was starving and some how managed to eat the entire thing! Oink Oink! After that heavy meal we walked around and enjoyed the many wonders of the fair. Checked out some of the vendors whom we're selling things, didn't find much this year in that department. After our stroll it was of course time for dessert..and if you've ever attended the CA State Fair you know about all those deep fried concoctions! From deep fried Oreos to deep fried Twinkies..you really can't go wrong! We chose the deep fried Snickers and deep fried cheesecake to share..and of course they were just what we expected..yummy!!

1/2 lb. Monster Hot Dog!
Deep Fried Cheesecake Galore!

My Favorite..Deep Fried Snickers!

We were on a sugar high at this point and decided to go check out the Art exhibits..which are my favorite exhibits of all to check out at the fair. There were pieces from all over California from every age group..pretty impressive! I was really amazed by the children's art!

       A whole bunch of Cali. artists!


(Please excuse the uneven photos..they were being stubborn!)        

It was starting to get dark after all of this adventure and we thought it'd be the perfect time to catch a ride on the Monorail which takes you all around the grounds of Cal Expo. I have neck issues so the Monorail was the only ride I could go on..but it was pretty enjoyable!
The CA State Fair in 6 seconds..via Monorail 

Did a little more people watching, and checked out some live performances, by this time the fair was almost ready to close. As we began our hike back to the car we got to enjoy the nightly fireworks that are held on the grounds..the perfect way to end an awesome time at the CA State Fair!! I can't wait for next summer to go back!!                                                                                                                                                 

But the fun doesn't stop there! Sunday brought another outing to Old Sacramento. I've been there a million times but it's always fun nonetheless. Walked around the old town and enjoyed people watching as there were many people dressed up in their pioneer era day costumes. Enjoyed some time watching the boats go by on the Sacramento River and of course got some yummy ice cream to cool down.

Built in 1911
All in all it was a great summer weekend! I'm hoping to go to "the city" (SF) next weekend so be on the look out for the next edition of Noonie's adventures in Cali! ;)